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beware the magician

Subaru: Yahoo, transfer student! It’s PE class, so let’s pair up. ☆

We can warm up and play catchball together! Here, look, I’ll help you put on a glove!

The smallest sized one should be a perfect fit, I think. ☆

Yep, today’s class is on baseball, after all! Idols sometimes have to do the ceremonial first pitch and all that, so we have to at least know how to throw the ball properly.

Well, this isn’t like dance class. In PE, it feels like using your strength is the main point~

So it’s fine to just fool around here~ I’m happy getting to play ball with everyone. ☆

But y’know, it feels like everyone’s too scared of having skinship with a girl~

You’re always the odd one one when we have to pair up in PE class.

So pair up with me!

You’re a friend from 2-A too, so seeing you get treated differently is… anyway, I just don’t like people getting left out!

Natsume: It’s a bad habit of yours, to keep on prattling endlessly about your topics.

You could ask for her opinion, or at least wait to see her reaction.

The little transfer kitten isn’t an unthinking doll, after all.

Well, to put it bluntly, you can’t read the mood, and to put it nicely, you’re something of a lonely genius…

Subaru: Hm? That voice sounds like a certain Natsume. Where are you~! Come ou~t, you’re completely surrounded!

Natsume: Not at all, Baru-kun.

Subaru: Mm~ I can hear his voice, but I can’t see him! I got it, it must be another of his magic tricks! Transfer student, do you have any idea where Natsume is?

I don’t know if you’ve met him, but he’s that suspicious-looking guy!

Hm? Right above me? Ah, you mean at the top of this sakura tree!?

Natsume: Ahaha… ♪ You really are a weird one. I can’t tell if you’re bright or dim.

Subaru: Whoa, he appeared in front of me! When!?

It’s been some time, Natsume. You came to school? We’re finally in the same class, but I haven’t seen your face even once. I feel so lonely~ ☆

Natsume: Stop trying to hug me, it’s too hot… As always, you say everything with your body language, though you still make too many unnecessary movements.

Subaru: Ahaha~ As usual, I can’t understand what Natsume is talking about. ☆

Hm? What is it, transfer student?

Ah, this guy’s been my friend since our first year! Right~ Natsume? ♪

Natsume: We aren’t friends. As an observation subject, though, you’re surprisingly interesting… Baru-kun. ♪

Subaru: Erm, could you stop calling me that? It makes my skin crawl!

Natsume: That’s strange, coming from you. You’re always giving others nicknames like “Hokke~” and “Ukki~”.

It’s bad manner to do to others something that you wouldn’t want them to do to you.

Are you perhaps bad with having people chasing after you, despite being fine with closing the distance yourself?

Subaru: Hm? Sorry, I didn’t really get that~?

Natsume: ≪You’re lying.≫

Subaru: ……

...Ah, I’ve got it! You just want a nickname too, right? Then just say so~!

You keep on saying stuff I don’t understand, so I can’t get you at all!

Natsume: I’m choosing to speak like this on purpose. Everyone else should be more aware of the effect their words can have on others.

Especially since we’re idols.

In that statement lies Power. If we don’t watch what we say in our everyday lives, we’ll end up embarrassing ourselves in front of the camera.

≪Like your father did.≫

Subaru: Don’t talk about my dad. ...More importantly, you’re doing that thing where you chatter in circles and dodge the topic again!

Wait, I’ve got to remember why I’m here!

Natsume: Ahaha, is that a philosophical question?

Subaru: Shut up! Ah, right, I called the transfer student over so I could pair up with her for PE! So let’s pair up!

Actually. Don’t tell me you’ve already formed a pair with Natsume? Then I’ll back off now?

Natsume: Ahaha. ♪ For someone’s who’s afraid of loneliness, you always back out at a crucial point.

Your existence is like the sun, so could you perhaps be afraid that your flame will end up burning others to a crisp?

Subaru: Heey, don’t analyze me! That’s creepy!

Natsume: Sorry, I don’t mean any ill will. It’s just a bad habit of mine. We’re not friends, but… I don’t really want you to hate me either, you know?

For you, who’s almost the personification of goodwill, to hate or think badly of someone is truly rare… Though, that is interesting in itself.

Subaru: Waaah, stop looking at me with those eyes like I’m some specimen!

When you say or do those things, it makes me want to keep others at a distance!

Now, you’re trying to chase me off, right! But I won’t bite, so let’s play baseball together! Look, I’ve already changed into my PE clothes. ☆

Natsume: Mm~ It seems my tricks don’t work as well once you understand my technique. Baseball is interesting as a method of practicing tactics, but actually playing it myself is a pain.

Reading a book would be a much more meaningful use of time.

Although, in this case…

Baru-kun will likely strip me of my school uniform and force me into PE clothes, and I don’t want to be humiliated like that in public.

So I’ll go and change quietly. See you, Good Night… ♪

Subaru: Ah, he’s trying to run away! I know him! Going to change is a lie, he’s planning to skip out somewhere!

Catch him, transfer student! Don’t let him escape!

Natsume: You’re like a police hound chasing an escaped convict, how scary… give me a break.

I’m good at both sports and studies, but I want to choose how to spend my own time. Help me, little kitten~ ♪

Subaru: Ah, the transfer student’s stuck being being told to “help him” and “catch him”!

She’s bad with two-choice problems like this, so could you stop that?

Natsume: Mmhm, I’m making use of that characteristic of hers to escape.

Goodbye… ♪

Subaru: Wait~! At least participate with everyone once in a while, Natsume~!

Natsume: Ahaha, to think the day would come when you tell me that. It’s just as Wataru-niisan says. Life really does seem to overflow with Amazing… ♪