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sovereign's tuning - 2

location: Dance Room

~ ♪

♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪ ~ …

Non! No good! My left foot is stepping zero point two seconds too slowly!

I’ll have to time it again with my stopwatch and fix it.

♪ ~ ♪ ~


Ah, this time my right foot is stepping zero point one seconds too slowly! Even though I’ve calculated this performance down to the end!

To exhibit Valkyrie’s true worth, our performances have to be absolutely perfect, with not even a needle’s eye worth of holes.

Right now, I would be worthless even as garnish. All I am is trash!

...Hm? Who’s that over there?

Hmph, it’s the little girl. Spying on others in secret is hardly an admirable hobby, you know.

You want to book the Dance Room? Did you really think I would just quietly agree to allow that irritating Trickstar to use the Dance Room for practicing in?

It would seem you are completely lacking in brains. Do you have any idea how much I was longing for a rematch against fine?

They were my prey. I was sharpening my claws and watching closely for an opportunity to pounce on them and repay the humiliation they dealt me many times over.

And then an unrelated upstart unit stole my prey out from under my nose.

That humiliation, you cannot possibly understand how far into the dumps it sent me!

Unable to release that frustration anywhere, I could only continue to perform to dissonant music like a broken toy.

If you want to laugh at this pitiful Pierrot, go ahead.

...Are you making fun of me? Telling me that my movements were wonderfully calculated is something I was often told before.

There’s no point showing people something like that. To me, failure is unacceptable.

Just a single black mark changed my entire world. With cracks running through it, my utopia was torn apart.
I have to mend those cracks, and regain my perfect world. To that end, I cannot allow myself to be off by even zero point one seconds.

Hmph, I don’t care if you don’t understand, little girl. Even if no one else understands it, all that matters is that I do.

I could hardly expect the lowly masses to understand my refined way of thinking, after all. You’re worthless even as a follower.

…...I said too many pointless things. Although I am far from peak condition, I can’t allow myself to come to a standstill either.

The existence known as Shu Itsuki cannot be left alone in this state. It must be tuned perfectly, until not even the tiniest imperfection remains.

...You’re quite persistent. Even if you say that Trickstar wants to use the dance room, I am the one using it now.

And the time limit for use has not yet passed. ...It seems you are at a loss for words. You were chasing me unfairly.

Don’t you think that’s unforgivable?

Huh? “Can I stay and watch until you’re done”, you ask?

Would you leave even if I said no? In the first place, I see no benefit for you in watching me practice.

Ah, perhaps your ulterior motive is leaking information to Trickstar.

Hmph. As a Producer, you’d want to check on a unit’s direction… I’ve heard plenty of lines like that.

Do you think I’ve accepted you as a Producer?

...What? You’re going to work hard so that I will? In that case, please put in your best effort.

If your effort goes unreported and is only made known later, it’s too late. Time cannot be rewound. All you can do is keep moving on.

...Really, talking about all these useless things with you has left me with only five minutes of practice time.

I don’t even have enough time to practice dancing one more song, and even if I wished to extend my practice, Trickstar has this room covered.

You really are a complete nuisance. I feel as if my insides are boiling over with irritation!

...What, why are you staring at my hand? This stopwatch is mine, not a borrowed item.

Mademoiselle isn’t with me, you say? I see you’re extremely fond of her.

But those feelings won’t reach Mademoiselle. She’s tuned to place me as number one, so no matter how much love you give her, it’s useless.

What are you laughing about? Are you even listening to me?

You seem to be optimistic that you’ll get to see Mademoiselle if you go to the Handicrafts Club room, but that’s not necessarily true.

In fact, you might just end up unable to ever see her again.

Hmph, your state of ugly panic is so unsightly. Though, seeing you who is never perturbed by anything thrown into such a huge panic is such a thrill, kakakakaka... !

Mademoiselle did nominate you as a conversation partner, so I’ll permit you to interact with her within my field of vision.

But I won’t allow you to touch her.

I would not have such a superior treasure sullied by common hands. I won’t make that mistake again. That’s what I decided after what happened with Nito.

...I hear footsteps approaching. I have no desire to encounter Trickstar, so I’ll end my practice here.

You are their Producer, are you not? Then go meet them.

There’s no need to see me out. I am the Sovereign. Do not forget that, [player].

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