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a nice day to meet - 1

location: Corridor


No good… my stomach’s rumblin’ really badly~...

(I haven’t eaten anythin’ since this mornin’. I tried eatin’ some bread crusts, but Mentor told me I was bein’ improper.)

(Mentor hasn’t been eatin’ much too, I wonder if he’s alright.)

(He says he doesn’t like eatin’, and I barely ever see him havin’ any meals.)

(And even if I cook somethin’, Mentor just frowns at it and won’t put it in his mouth.)

(Even Mentor’s cookin’ is perfect, after all. And I’m bad at measurin’ things out in cups, and tellin’ spoon sizes apart, and things like that.)

(I don’t even like eatin’ properly cooked food anyway.)

(Mentor’s cookin’ is one thing, but food from fancy restaurants will just destroy my stomach.)

(I love food that’s been made by amateurs, though.)

Nnhaa~… uu~...

(No good, At this rate, I’ll end up collapsin’.)

(If I stay in the classroom, and see everyone who brought a bento showin’ theirs off, the smell will just make my stomach start rumblin’,)

(That’s too embarrassing, I don’t wanna!)

(...I wonder if there’s anyone on the rooftop. It’s lunchtime, so it wouldn’t be weird for people to go there. But I have nowhere else to go…)

(I guess I can just stay out of people’s way and in a corner. No one should bother me if I do that.)

(It’ll look like I’m hidin’ from the sun, but I’ll try to ignore that. Nfufu~ ♪)

location: Rooftop

Nnha, the weather’s so good~ ♪

(...And there’s no one else around, lucky. There’s a nice spot there in the shade, maybe I’ll take a nap?)

(Sleepin’ is the best way to tide over an empty stomach.)

Nnha, I shoulda brought a lap blanket. But goin’ back to get it is troublesome, so I’ll just sleep like this.

Goodnight~ ♪


(Uuuu. Who’s that, interruptin’ my nice sleep? Their footsteps are so noisy and won’t stop. Are they gonna go somewhere else?)


(W-what? They stopped right next to me. Do they wanna sit on the bench?)

(There are other benches, but only the one I’m sleepin’ on is shaded.)

(It doesn’t seem like they’re gonna move, so should I say somethin’?)

(B-but, that would mean talkin’ with a stranger. Should I just say good mornin’?)

(No, I’m the one who’s sleepin’, so that would be weird. Nnhaa, I’m such a idiot. I don’t know what to do at times like this.)

(A-anyway, I’ll just open my eyes and see who it is. I can just decide what to do after that, yeah~...?)

...Eh!? [player]-chan!?

W-why are ya here? ...Lookin’ for someone? I’m the only one here, though.

Ehh? What I’m doin’? Surely I don’t need to explain that, right?


(O-oh no! My stomach just grumbled really loudly!)

(I’m so hungry my stomach sounds like a beast, there’s no way [player]-chan won’t notice it while standin’ right in front of me…)

(I-I’m so embarrassed. If a hole opened up right now I’d jump into it…!)

Nnha? [player]-chan, what are ya rummagin’ in your pocket for?

Chu** Chups? I like candy, ya know. So I like Chu** Chups too~ ♪

Ehh? Yer giving this to me?

I-I won’t accept charity from the enemy! Yer plannin’ to get close to us like that, and collect information on Vallkyrie, aren’t you?

I ain’t takin’ that!

...Don’t go smilin’ and sayin’ somethin’ like you’d be happy if I accepted this candy. Geez, talking with ya is gonna drive me crazy…

But no! I’m under Mentor’s orders not to accept food from anyone.

No matter how much ya try to persuade me, I don’t want that candy…!

Nnha, don’t make that sad face!

Now yer makin’ me feel bad. By the way, didn’t ya say ya came to the rooftop to find someone?

...If ya don’t mind, I could tag along and help? Ya might be the enemy, but I’m happy that ya worried about me.

You say just those feelings are enough, but ya could have just felt free to accept.

I-If ya don’t need me to, that’s fine too. ...If ya change your mind, tell me.