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sovereign's tuning - 1

location: Handicrafts Club Room


『Oh, [player]-chan. Did you need something from the Handicrafts Club?』

Mademoiselle. Don’t talk unnecessarily, you’re making me lose my focus.

『Sorry, [player]-chan. Shu-kun is in the middle of making a new set of clothes.』

『It seems like he won’t be able to concentrate if we’re talking.』

『Let’s go outside and get to know each other better as fellow girls ♪』

『 what I’d love to say, but the clothes Shu-kun is making are for me.』

『He needs to take my measurements, so I can’t leave. Even though Shu-kun is capable of making clothes without needing a pattern.』

『I want to watch over Shu-kun from nearby while he’s working. Do you understand that part of my maiden’s heart, I wonder?』

Mademoiselle, stay still. What if I made a mistake, and stuck the needle someplace strange? Although there’s no way I would do that.

I’m fully confident I’d be able to make Mademoiselle’s clothes even if I was blindfolded, kakakakaka…!

『Come on, aren’t you being a little too self-conscious…? Though I can’t refute that, since it’s true.』

『Also, I can’t move unless Shu-kun is controlling me, so please don’t say such a malicious thing.』

『Did you get jealous because I was having such a nice talk with [player]-chan…? Fufu, Shu-kun has his cute points too, I see ♪』

...Just how long are you planning to keep standing in the doorway, little girl? Your presence is unneeded in this sacred Handicrafts Club room. Hurry and begone.

『Oh, Shu-kun. It doesn’t look like [player]-chan came to the club room just to look around. See, she’s carrying a huge roll of cloth.』

『Wouldn’t that be the cloth you ordered?』

Hmph. I still don’t see why she would deliver it all the way to the club room. Kagehira is one thing, but [player] isn’t a member of the Handicrafts Club.

A Producer’s job is to watch over idols, is it not? Have you started taking on even chore requests?

Though, even as a Producer you’re obviously still an amateur…

Ah, how upsetting! To have my plan of defeating Eichi Tenshouin hindered by this little girl…! Where should I take this irritation out on!?

『Shu-kun, you’ve got [player]-chan all worked up! Take deep breaths! Calm down, and return to your normal self…?』

Hmph, you’re just a doll. What could you know about me?

『I know all about you, Shu-kun. Just like how you know all about me, right?』

『Thank you for always making me new clothes that I like.』

『As you can see, I’m not a new doll anymore, so parts of me are starting to wear out.』

『But with all my new clothes, it feel like I myself have gotten younger.』

『And Shu-kun is always making me lots of new clothes so I won’t get bored of mine.』

Of course. Mademoiselle is different from those cheap dolls. She’s a doll I love, so naturally I must give her clothes to match that status.

Honestly, I wish to adorn her in a showcase, but now is not yet the time for that.

『If you just left me in a showcase all the time, I’d suffocate.』

『Shu-kun, even though you’re always carefully looking after me, you really do want a conversation partner, don’t you?』

『In that case, what about [player]-chan? I don’t know about Shu-kun, but I like [player]-chan a lot.』

『[player]-chan, you like me too, don’t you? I’m glad ♪ Fufu, we’re thinking the same thing.』

Are you trying to curry favor with Mademoiselle, you vulgar person? And you too, Mademoiselle, betraying me for that detestable transfer student!

『Come on, I’m always saying I’ll never betray you, Shu-kun.』

『...Oh? [player]-chan, your arms are shaking. Is the cloth heavy?』

『That’s right, Shu-kun ordered several varieties of cloth, so all together they would be quite heavy. I’m sorry I didn’t notice.』

『Shu-kun, why don’t you accept the cloth from [player]-chan? I could carry it over, but then my hand might fall off…?』

Hmph, I don’t recall asking you to bring it all the way to the club room. ...You were going to the Light Music Club room and delivered this on the way?

The Light Music Club is indeed on the same floor. Rei should be a member of that club… how is he doing?

Rei is one of my few friends. We haven’t talked much lately, but asking after a friend is hardly a strange thing to do, I’m sure.

...Aren’t I going to visit him, you ask? If there is a need, I’ll go over even without you asking.

You should be done here. Leave the cloth on that table there and begone. Oh, and do handle it gently, like it’s fragile.

Making the perfect clothes requires perfect cloth. I won’t forgive you if you leave anything more than your fingerprints on that cloth.

Now, I’ll turn that into the finest, loveliest clothing with my hands, kakakakaka… ♪